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Never miss a sale with mobile credit card processing

Anywhere. Anytime.

Take payments anytime, anywhere! swipe, scan or key in credit cards easily. Get a free app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device...learn more »

Countertop Terminals with Your Business in Mind

Speed. Ease. Security.

With a countertop POS terminal, you can give your customers a wide variety of payment options along with fast authorization for major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. And, with an integrated PIN pad ...learn more »

POS Systems that Cater to Your Business

On the counter or in the cloud, our POS systems offer a maximum flexibility.

Whether you have one store or hundreds, you need a POS system that is easy-to-use and versatile enough to meet your business’s specific needs. Our leading-edge POS systems can be used directly on the counter, as well as in the cloud – providing ...learn more »

Making E-Commerce Easy

Dedicated one on one support. Simplified payment security.

When you take your business online, you need an intuitive, reliable solution for managing payments. Our e-commerce solution enables you to accept online payments from both credit and debit cards quickly and securely. Critical customer payment information is...learn more »

Revolutionary Wireless Functionality

Swypit is very pleased to be one of the few Square Authorized Partners.

We are very excited to have joined Square in our mission of making commerce easier. Square creates technology to help sellers of all sizes unlock the value of every sale. Square's register service is a full point-of-sale with tools ...learn more »


Blog & Articles

The TRUTH About Credit Card Proccessing

“Secrets The Processors Don’t Want You to Know” Pricing Games: Most Processors offer a pricing modle known in the industry as “tiered pricing”. Tiered pricing gives the Processor a great amount of leverage in the relationship with the merchant. A competitive “Rate 1” or “Qualified” […]

Social Media Marketing & Building Rapport Online

It’s no news that since the rise of social media platforms, the landscape of online marketing has completely changed (Not to mention e-commerce, as well)! There are now infinite ways to promote and grow your business online these days, but perhaps the most effective strategy […]

Merchant Services and Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Your merchant services are a major component of your business. You know this. After all, how would you conduct business if you weren’t able to accept payments? Now, that being said, because your merchant services constitute such a vital aspect of your day-to-day business, you’ve […]

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